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About me

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I’m Thomas Jost, aka “Schnouki”. I’m a French software engineer and full-stack developer. I’m currently working as a back-end developer at Doist, creator of Todoist and Twist.

I love Free Software, GNU/Linux, reading science-fiction books, and watching good TV shows. My text editor is Emacs. Most of the time I hack in Python, except when I feel like writing some Go.

Want to learn more about me? Here’s my résumé. If you ask nicely, maybe you can even hire me!

You can contact me here by commenting on a post, or by e-mail. If you feel as paranoid as I do, be sure to use my GnuPG key (ID: C0478597; I’m also on Keybase!).

If you like what’s on this blog, you can send me a few μBTC or μLTC.


There are sooo many ways to reach me:

This is a personal blog. Opinions are my own only.

Ceci est un blog personnel. Les avis publiés sont personnels et n’engagent que moi.

Création du site : Thomas Jost

Hébergement : OVH — 2 rue Kellermann — 59100 Roubaix — France.