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hubiC remote for git-annex

I still love git-annex. And one of the things I like is that it can use many storage backends and track the location of any data on all of these backends. And in the latest versions, it’s quite easy to add support for new backends. Which I did for hubiC, an inexpensive1 cloud storage service by OVH.

hubiC provides a nice API, which is actually the “usual” OpenStack SWIFT API with a custom authentication system based on OAuth 2. Using that, I wrote an external special remote that connects git-annex to hubiC. I’ve been using it for a few months and I’m quite happy with it. It has the following features:

  • written in Python 3
  • uses rauth for OAuth 2 authentication and python-swiftclient for the SWIFT storage
  • support for common git-annex operations: store, retrieve, check, delete
  • connection pooling to improve performances
  • everything is encrypted if git-annex is told to do so 😃
  • the MD5 of each transfered file is checked both on the client and on the server to prevent data corruption
  • data can be stored in any SWIFT container to avoid polluting the hubiC web app
  • NEW: large files are stored in several chunks (of configurable size; defaults to 1 GB) to bypass the hubiC limit of 5 GB/file and to be more tolerant to network errors or authentication timeouts

The latest release is version 0.3. Get it while it’s hot!

  1. I currently pay 10 €/month for 10 TB of storage (but I only use a little over 1 TB). Before that, I used to pay almost 30 $/month for 400 GB of Google Cloud Storage.