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ZSH completion for git-annex

I love git-annex. It works extremely well, its documentation is excellent, and Joey Hess, its main developper, is amazingly reactive when you tell him about a bug or ask him any question about this software. I’m currently using git-annex to manage almost 1 TB of data, spread over my laptop, my NAS, a few external hard drives, and my hubiC account. (Yes, git-annex is also designed to be able to use many different storage backends, and it’s really easy to write new ones, which I did for hubiC; more on that later…)

The biggest issue annoyance with git-annex is the lack of completion when using ZSH. The completion for git is amazing, so it’s quite weird to have nothing for git-annex.

But as often with free software, someone has already started scratching that itch: I found a basic completion function for git-annex!

It’s for an old version of git-annex, but I’ve been able to update it to the latest version of git-annex:

  • added support for new git-annex subcommands (metadata, groups and wanted content, etc.)
  • added better description for common arguments
  • added specific arguments to all subcommands
  • fixed a bug when attempting to run git-annex in a non-git directory
  • update the Python code to Python 3
  • fix remotes and backends completion

The updated code is available on To install that, just copy the _git-annex file to some directory in your $fpath (I use $HOME/.config/zsh/completion), and run autoload -U path/to/_git-annex. You will also need to have Python 3 somewhere in your $PATH as python3 (tested with 3.4, should work with 3.2+).

Many, many thanks to the awesome people who started this completion function: Frank Terbeck and Valentin Haenel. And to Joey for his amazing work on git-annex.