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Blog evolution

Time to change again 😃 Actually there are several changes this time:

  • blog engine: switched from Pelican to Hugo, another static blog generator, also known as the new cool kid in town. Really fast, and so far I didn’t feel I needed several plugins as I did with Pelican.
  • comments: removed Disqus in favor of a self-hosted instance of Isso. Because privacy!
  • analytics: removed Piwik hosted I-don’t-know-where-nor-by-whom and switched to a self-hosted instance of Fathom, a very very minimalist website analytics service. Again, because privacy! (This collects close to nothing: page views, referrer domain, and that’s it. Not even user-agent, partial IP address or anything else…)
  • theme: Minimo, with several small contributions already.

I tried hard not to break any URL. Links to posts on the old blog should redirect to their new location. If they don’t and you get 404s, please tell me!

I also plan to write a little more here. Still tech stuff of course, but also probably some book reviews, and maybe some recipes (in French) I want to keep for later reference. Don’t know if this will be useful for anyone else but me… We’ll find out soon enough!