GetSimple CMS with Caddy

Software Caddy

I just switched my web server from lighttpd to Caddy! No need to write a script to update my Let’s Encrypt certificates, HTTP/2, etc.: pretty nice. But of course I needed to rewrite my configuration.

Most of it was straightforward. I had to delete some nice things, but in the end even that was OK (I wasn’t even using that anymore).

My biggest issue was to get a test site that uses GetSimple CMS to work with “fancy” URLs (i.e. /cms/page_name instead of /cms/index.php?id=page_name). But in the end it worked with that simple snippet:

hostname {
	import common  # Snippet for TLS, logging, and security headers
	import php     # Snippet to enable PHP via PHP-FPM
	root /srv/http/hostname/htdocs

	rewrite /cms {
		r ^/(.+)$
		to {path} /cms/?id={1}

Really simple, but it works!