Introducing watch_tabnine

Software D, linux, TabNine

I’m a big fan of TabNine, a super nice code editor-agnostic code completion tool. I use it from Emacs using company-tabnine and it’s amazing how well it works (especially since I joined the beta for the new cloud-based service that uses deep learning techniques to provide better completion candidates).

However there’s one annoying thing with TabNine. From time to time it starts eating my memory like crazy, first the RAM and then the swap. This has been reported to the author but not fixed yet as it’s probably very hard to reproduce1. Some days everything goes smoothly, some other days I have to restart it 5 times in an hour. Super annoying.

So I wrote a little tool to handle that for me. It checks how much memory TabNine is using, and kills it if it’s too much. This isn’t a problem since Emacs restarts it as needed, and it “solves” this issue for me.

I’ve named this watch_tabnine 2 and it’s available on Sourcehut.

As I recently started learning the D programming language, I wrote this in D. It went okay, as the result is probably much lighter than its equivalent in Python or Go, and much safer than C. So I’ll consider this a win 😃

Anyway, if you use TabNine and also have troubles with its memory usage, please consider giving it a try!

  1. If I wanted to troll, I’d also mention that TabNine is written in Rust, and that for that language memory-safe apparently doesn’t mean safe for your laptop memory 😃 ↩︎

  2. As you probably know, “there are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors” (source). And I consistently suck at naming things. ↩︎